The Great North Woods of NH is a mecca for motorized sports and the trail systems are unparalleled, no matter the season.

Atving and snowmobiling makes this area a year round destination for all outdoor activities. Riding along miles of trails through the rugged forested landscape, pastoral mountainous fields and secluded waterways is an experience you can only have in Northern NH. The raw beauty of the area is unparalleled, brimming with wildlife sightings and outdoor adventures. The views are incomparable and the trails deliver days of riding fun.

The Ride the Wilds ATV Trail System is the Northeast’s largest interconnected ATV trail system across the upper northern region of the state. Opening in June 2013, Ride the Wilds brought together three seasons of ATV riding and access to more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails. Head out for a day or more, with opportunities to stop, eat and stay along the way. The trails are on a combination of private, state & corporately owned land, a wonderful relationship of shared stewardship that encourages respect and responsible riding.

The snowmobile trails are as extensive and are known to be the best in the Northeast. This area is considered the snowmobile capital of New England and Pittsburg NH, is the heart. The largest town by area in the state and New England, is a winter wonderland with a worldwide reputation for snowmobiling. Typically a deep snow from Christmas through April with over 150 inches of average snowfall annually, it out does the US average by 100+ inches.

About the Ride The Wilds Trails in New Hampshire

Ride the Wilds, the Northeast’s largest interconnected ATV trail system, has 1,000+ miles of trails across Coos County in northern New Hampshire. Ride the Wilds Trails are a collection of corridor trails from A-D linking all the individual clubs riding areas.
Ride The Wilds Trails – New Hampshire

The trails are maintained by local ATV clubs that operate on a volunteer basis. We highly recommend supporting the clubs that maintain the system, by joining, volunteering or sponsoring their efforts. We have compiled the best places to ATV and easy access to the best places to stay in Pittsburg, Colebrook, Gorham and all the towns on the Best ATV trail system in the Northeast. Included in the trail system are:

  • Over 120 miles of trails in the 8,000-acre Perry Stream Land and Timber Company holdings maintained by the Great North Woods ATV Club in Pittsburg.
  • Over 120 miles of trails maintained by the Metallak ATV Club in Stewartstown, Colebrook, Columbia and Dixville.
  • Over 130 miles of trails in Millsfield maintained by the Millsfield ATV Club.
  • 50 miles of trails in Success and Milan maintained by the Sunset Riders ATV Club.
  • 80 miles of trails in the 7,500-acre Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin maintained by the State of New Hampshire.
  • More than 120 miles of trails across 30,000 acres in Stratford maintained by the North Country ATV Club.
  • The Kilkenny Trail Riders of Lancaster, the Umbagog ATV Club of Errol, the Presidential ATV Club of Gorham, and the Androscoggin ATV Club of Berlin maintain many additional miles of trails.